You Guys Are Awesome

Good morning,

I am enjoying my literary foray into cyberspace a great deal more than I had envisioned. I have been reading randomly for hours over the past few days and I am enjoying the brilliance of so many great writers and people who are so anxious to help others. I find it awe inspiring. I have been trying to get my writing posted so I have been working on that a great deal and I am finding myself with burning eyes and a sore back from too many hours in this computer chair. I just don’t want to stop because I am enjoying this probably more than makes sense. I am getting insights on my writing, which is very important to me and I have stumbled upon several inspirational pieces which  I am certain were written especially for me. I just wanted to post this and say I appreciate you all. I appreciate the likes and the comments and the general support I have received since I began this project five days ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I am happy to say that I am quite pleased with my experience but that is solely due to you guys, the bloggers. Thank you.

– JM



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